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My first wedding as a Minister

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Out here we have a marvelous organization called LEWA(Light Energy Workers Association). through LEWA members of the pagan community can become ordained. As a solitary I decided to take this step for myself. Honestly never thought much more would come of it beyond swearing to Bridgit that I would be Her priestess..... fast forward two years later and a very close friend asked me if I would officiate at her wedding. I was very honored and said yes.

Put months of work into studying different ceremonys and put together one that passed not only the bride and grooms approval (both of whom are pagan) but also the approval of my folks out west who both have experience in officiating at weddings.

I dont know who was more nervous me or the groom lol. The bride picked out my 'vestments' and I helped her pick out her dress.
the grooms dad fixed a MARVELOUS meal for the reception...
the mother of the bride? showed her behind.
the minute she got to the venue (made everyone late for the rehersal) she started finding things wrong. the bride had no business wearing white b/c she wasnt a virgin, I shouldnt have been wearing black. She got mouthy with me during the rehersal and I didnt back down. the service was tacky and not legal, the food was bad, the cake was ugly....  :brickwall: y'all get the idea she topped off the afternoon with blessing out the poor father of the groom, informing the groom that I was no longer welcome at the bride and grooms house :wtf: and making the bride cry.

so anybody out there have simular experiences and any advice on how to deal with a momzilla next time? because in spite of the Mom-in-dirty-plaid... I actually surprised myself and enjoyed doing the wedding.

*whew* Ive cooled down a bit but the bride didnt deserve all that

How awful for that poor bride! Wow. Did you have any warning at all that the mom was going to be such a pain in the donkey? It sounds like maybe she knew nothing of her daughter's plans. Perhaps a lot could have been averted if she had been clued into the choices prior to the wedding... but that really seems up to the bride and groom to decide. Of course, you could always gently suggest that next time should you suspect a similar situation might arise.

ohhh this is par for the course for momydearest. the bride quite deliberatley kept mom out of the loop. The ....for lack of a better title 'Mother'  didnt have children to have children. she had children to have bargaining chips. and when that backfired it was the childs fault. "mom" approved of the Brides ex-husband who abused her and wants nothing to do with current hubby who treats bride like a Goddess and wouldnt hurt a fly. this was her way of making the wedding about her and how much she dissaproved of the groom.

Sounds like an interesting day.  I would have probably sent mommy dearest on her way with a swift kick in the backside...

 :yeahthat: ohhh I wanted to, didnt feel it was my place though. She bolted as soon as she made the bride cry...the grooms family consists of half the fire department/police force for our county. and they were ALL there. and they all made sure that the bride knew she had a whole new family and no longer needs mommydearest. :yeah:


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