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Feeling Active Energy in Places You Weren't Expecting


So a weird/cool thing happened today when I visited the National Museum here in Calcutta (after more than a decade, I think I was 10 the last time I went there!) and they had an extensive gallery dedicated to Buddhist and Hindu rock sculptures from Central/Eastern India dating from around 200 BCE- same vein as in the Ajanta-Ellora complexes.

So I was having a ton of fun browsing the exhibits when I came across a pair of "Buddha Offering Protection" statues, set up facing each other. Here's a picture:

Walking between them, and facing either statue, I could feel this shift in energy- sort of like a draft of energy between the statues? It was sort of like a stern kind of a warding energy- not menacing per se, but palpably forceful. Like, it-would-be-a-good-idea-to-bow-down-now sort of an energy. I'm no Heathen, so DS or GW will have to correct me if I'm mistaken, but it felt like the kind of energy Aegisjalmur would invoke.

Thoughts, opinions, discussions? :)

Eh, the Helm of Awe is more about panic and fear, that last little bit that tips the enemy on the other side of the shield wall to flee the field in terror. Your experience is still cool tho. :D

My local art museum has two items that give me odd vibes. One is an old Jainist shrine and the other is a very old African mask. Some objects seem to absorb energy over time is my thought. They are made with devotion and they become objects of power through belief like thoughtforms..


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