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Thank you for sharing!! There are a lot of Natives in my area, this being reservation country, and Haskell Indian Nations University is also here. My sister in law is registered Cherokee and so are two of my two nephews. I love Native spirituality because it is so real-life. Sometimes with Wicca or Witchcraft one feels a need to purchase supplies (I know I do : ) all the tools you've mentioned here are available out in nature.

I liked reading about the seven ceremonies. Seven is a highly important number in my life. I am so very drawn to their commitment to do something once every seven years. Thank you for posting!

Native american culture always amazed me, and Cherokee one especially, I feel unhappy I am never going to be able to get close to it physically, though, considering how close it is to my own.

I would like to include in this topic something very cherokee related, from the sacred texts archive. So far, it is also my favorite book on shamanism as well. Thank you for posting some of the most important things about their culture in short and understandable fashion, I find it to be very practical for myself.

P.S. I see you included it in the "should read" section, I am just linking it as well.

Thank you for this great information.

You are welcome! 

I am not sure why I never saw this thread before (rattles marbles in head).

My better half is part Lakota.
I will make sure she gets to see this topic.


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