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I am new to Paganism. I grew up baptist. My father is a preacher, so needless to  say, I knew how to "live right". Up until I was 18,  I was forced to attend church. I continued to follow christianity until I moved out on my own. After years of trying to make myself good enough for this one they call God, I dropped the effort. I them considered myself... Nothing. I believed there was something out there, I just wasn't sure what I thought it was. I went about a year not following any religion, although I had Ideas in my head of what I thought religion should be. I told everyone that I didn't follow anything because religion was so cliche. I was discusted at the sight of church or a bible. While I love and respect my parents, I somewhat resented them for pushing their religion on me. I think that was/is the reason for that long and unforfilling year. Ater I got in a debate with 2 jahovahs witnesses, I realized that I needed something or someone. A few months prior to that debate, I had a childhood friend come back into my life. This girl was the girl that we were told to stay away from as kids... She was Pagan. Everyone hated her simply because she was different. Well, now she has, through some odd fate, found me. If I hadn't been at this point in my life, I would have thought it nothing more than coincedence. I began asking about her beliefs. I wasn't sure why, but I felt the need to. And so started my Pagan journey. That, now woman, has been such a blessing and inspiration. When I have questions or just need to talk, she takes time to talk with me. I believe The Universe brought her to me for the fact that I was lost. Shortly after my journey started, my Goddes found me. Since then, I have had many wonderful experiences with her. I have almost completely pulled out of the depression and see and respect the world in a whole new light.

Ghost Wolf:
"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Welcome to Pagan Journeys! :wave:

Ditto what GW said! :)

My journey was very similar, as was my Husband's. When you find the path you're supposed to be on, it's lovely how life gets a little smoother!  :grouphug:

I still have a long way to go, but at least I'm going in the right  direction. Thanks  for the postive words everyone!!!


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