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Carpal Tunnel?

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I'd never heard of that.  Even more surprising is a surgeon that was willing to give you advice that wasn't surgery.  Luck you!


--- Quote from: Fox on September 07, 2009, 10:39:23 AM ---I'd never heard of that. 
--- End quote ---

No.  It's not common advice at all.  And it's ten year old advice, not the latest.  In the world of modern medicine, ten year old advice is almost folk medicine.  But I have shared that with many people, mostly co-workers, and it does work. 

Crystal Dragon:
That's awesome!  Especially that you found a surgeon who wasn't so full of his "skills" that he didn't look to other options.  Thanks for the tip sis! :pounce:

I get cramps in my hands, and my thumb is stuck to the hurts like crazy. :gaah:
So I just rub it until its back to normal.
When I say stuck its like something I have never seen....only on people who are disabled.......and NO I have never had it checked out yet. I have to many other things going back and ribs, and knee.

That is enough for right now! 



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