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Carpal Tunnel?

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I deliberately don't keep track. Between all the sites I post on, the games I play, and the fact I run a cash register four days a week....the less I think about it, the better.

Ugh...carpal tunnel...

I once went to my doctor concerned about the pain in my wrists...he tells me, "You have mild carpal tunnel."

I ask what I can do about that and I was told, "Well...just...stop typing."

Yeah...right.  :rolleye:

Crystal Dragon:
 :rotflmao:  Typical.  :rolleye:

If I had to stop typing, I'd lose my job and have no recreational activities :P

I developed carpal tunnel about ten years ago and have controlled it since by following the advice of a surgeon I saw.  Yes, I was ready for surgery, it was so bad.  He said that in his opinion, we could type all we like as long as we restore good circulation to the wrist at night.  His theory is that carpal tunnel requires 1) repetitive motion during the day AND 2) lack of circulation at night.  He said that too many people sleep on their hands (hands under the head or under the pillow) at night.  He gave me hard wrist guards to wear at night so that if I did put my hands under my head, the circulation would still be able to flow.  After a week of wearing the hard wrist guards, my carpal tunnel went away.  Now, when I get those first twinges I put the wrist guards on at night.  Works for me.   :groovin:


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