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Abilities Awakening - Seeking Guidance


Not divine guidance but peer guidance from other humans. Heh.
I recently believe that my abilities have been unlocked or awakened or tapped into. How wver youd like to call it. I am extremely new to practises but been studying and reading plenty of books and articles on paganism and paths and religions and etc for two years. But like i said have not personally practised anything at all. I do not possess altar items or candles or insence and the like... i only have tarot card and even those i abrely use. However, this year something changed and now i seem to be experiencing unexplained anxiety or panic attacks. looked into it and it could be linked to psychic ability or energy stuff, specifically empathy or hsp. But i could be wrong.

I would like to find someone who may be able to guide me on blocking outside energy or emotions, and grounding and centering. Im currently not interested in develping abilities as im A fulltime atudent and mom when ik jot in schol. Feel free to cntact me thro email oif youre interested in a more private convo. Here would be beat tho, in the thread.

(( e cuse the typos! I am not use to txting on a phone.))

Crystal Dragon:
Have you looked around the forums?  We have a number of threads that address grounding and centering, especially in the Working with Energy board.  ;)

I wasnt sure wheer to look, now i do. Thank you. Ills see wyat i can find there.


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