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Tarot Reading and Hearing a Call


Hi! I'm very, very new to pagan ways, but I feel like I've been experiencing a calling from a patron or guide. I did my first little 'ritual' tonight, where I just sat down and poured us both tea. I used a loose tea that I like, placed a share in an agate bowl and a share in a cup for me, hoping that this sharing might bring me closer to whoever is calling me. I explained my hopes, that I could have someone or something to believe in, to learn from, to pray to, and while I don't have the divine knowledge to say I'm ready, I want to be. I drew three tarot cards from my Shadowscapes deck, all right-side-up. The first was the hierophant. The second was the seven of pentacles. The third was judgement. I interpreted this as follows: I'm questioning my place in the schemes of the divine, and questioning what I've been taught all my life. I'm making new choices, a sort of rebirth, and I'm finally acknowledging that I'm hearing a call. The hierophant is where it gets tricky, because yes, I'm part of a group (pagans), and I'm educating myself and forming a belief system, but the hierophant also signifies conformity and traditionalism. I'm afraid that if I answer this call, I'll be guided into conforming to a mold I don't fit in and becoming someone other than myself. Or could this just mean the one calling me would prefer I stick to more traditional methods of communication, more strict rituals?

Tonight I cleansed my agate bowl and offered a piece of a cookie I had baked using a family recipe. I again stated that I don't know if I'm ready, but that I want to be, and after praying I again drew three cards from my Shadowscapes deck after shuffling. I drew the Moon, the Hierophant again, and the Queen of Pentacles. I wasn't posing any specific question, simply trying to see what my spirit or patron might be trying to tell me. Should I ask more specific questions, like 'Who are you' or 'What should I be doing'? Does anyone think it's significant that after shuffling I got the Hierophant twice? These cards are designed to be read without inversion being taken into account, but these were all inverted. Should I read in accordance with what the designer of the cards intended, or should I make note of the inversion?

I don't have much by way of advice to offer you, really. But the card Heirophant here could mean that the deity in question would like to make itself known to you using His/Her most traditional aspect or way of relating. Just my $0.02.


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