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Because I'm Curious (How you Found Pagan Journeys)

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Hi, Crystal Dragon! Well, not being a regular enough participant, I have to say I was blissfully unaware of WF's problems or issues- but I guess I didn't miss WF so much as I missed its regulars. None of the other pagan forums I frequented gave me quite the same vibes as you and the other WF regulars (you'd know who else apart from yourself better than me, of course) did.
I'm sure there could possibly be other boards out there that would evoke the same trust, I've just never wandered into any.


I knew your name looked familiar. :) I'm glad you found us!

I was reading a book on Wicca and various other pagan-faith paths and saw a link for WitchVox.  Went to WV and saw your site listed in the resources.  Decided to see what was here - and here I am.

Just found this site via "Pagan message board search" :tongueroll:

This is a very old thread but since I am new I thought you should know that I found it with a simple search on Bing. the parameters were "Pagan Forums".
Not very creative but since we moved to the new area we have been looking for nearby pagans without much success.


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