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Because I'm Curious (How you Found Pagan Journeys)

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Blue Hearts:
Would you believe Quora, of all places?


--- Quote from: Blue Hearts on June 27, 2020, 02:23:24 AM ---Would you believe Quora, of all places?

--- End quote ---
Yeah, me too!  Though looking at the time stamps it seems this forum may be dead?

Crystal Dragon:
Not dead ... just quiet.   :whistle:

I found you all during a google search. I thought about going to some of the other forums, but either their rules didn't resonate with me, or I felt a vibe just from the front page. This has reasonable rules, a good vibe, and a nice comforting feel. I do hope this place is a little active, but I also understand that forums may not be as popular say discord or tumblr or any other social media posts.


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