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When joining the Pagan Journeys forum, all members are asked for their name, email address, and a password.  This information is stored in our database in order that we may provide you with access to the forums' functions.  Passwords are not stored in plain text (ie, they are hashed) and we are not able to access them.  The rest of the information you provide us remains private and we will never sell or share your information with any third party unless required by law to do so.

In addition to the information you provide for your account, our server makes a note of the IP address you have logged in from and a cookie is placed on your device to allow the forum to properly communicate with your computer, tablet, or phone during your session.  

Pagan Journeys does not knowingly collect or solicit any information from or about children under 18.  If it is found that any child under 18 has provided their information to us, we will immediately delete that information. If you believe Pagan Journeys has any information from or about anyone under 18, please contact the administrator at help (at) paganjourneys (dot) com

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