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The “My Messages” section is for you to manage all of your personal messages.  When you click on the My Messages button you will be taken to your inbox.  It is where all of your messages are kept until you delete them.  You will see, once you have a message, the summary of messages in your box at the top.  You can view or delete any message from there.  Below this section is the preview of your messages.  You can manage any of your messages from this location as well.

The left side of your screen will have another list with several options.  The first topic, just under “Messages” is New Message.  If you click on this, you will be shown a blank message for you to start composing.  You have two options for putting in names in the “To” and “Bcc” fields.  You can either just type the person’s ID that you are sending to or you can click on the “!” button and search.  From there you can type your message and hit send.  There is a check box at the bottom of each message, giving you the option of saving a copy of your message in your sent items folder.  If the check is there, you will have a copy put in that section.

The next topic down is the “Inbox”.  This will take you back to the same preview page you were on when you got into the messages section.  After the “Inbox” is the “Sent Items”.  This is where the copies are kept of all sent messages that you chose to have saved.  It works in much the same was as your inbox.

Actions is where you can search through your saved messages by clicking the "Search Messages" link.  This feature allows you to search for a message by a certain sender, subject or content.  This feature is most helpful if your inbox is very full.  You can also delete old messages through the “Prune Messages”.  This feature allows you to automatically delete any messages that are over a specified number of days old.

Preferences is the next section.  The “Manage Labels” allows you to create personal labels for your messages allowing for easier searches.  You have the option of setting up rules in the "Manage Rules" section.  This feature allows you to create rules and automatically label messages based on certain criteria.  The last link is the "Change Settings" link.  You can set up ignore lists, set your notification options and how you want your messages to be displayed in this section.


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